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  • 2012.01.23 - Lineup

    And the lineup is finalized!  The Half Hearts will open things up, followed by The Desert Vest, then Story Of The Sea, and then us.  It should be a great night, we hope to see you all there.  Party!

  • 2012.01.10 - Au revoir!
    The Icy Shores are not much longer for the world.  While we’ve had a great time making music and seeing you all out at shows, due to competing priorities, it’s time to hang up our hats.  We’re sad to announce that we will be playing just one more show as The Icy Shores, Saturday February 4th at Cause.  We hope you will all join us – lineup details will be forthcoming.  Thank you for all of your support over the years.  Love,
    The Icy Shores
  • 2011.08.19 - Summer

    Hey everyone, just dropping by to let you all know we’re keeping cool this summer.  We’ve got a show coming up in a couple of weeks at Hell’s Kitchen Underground, which we’re pretty pumped about, and then Nick + Nick will be doing some acoustic performances at the Kitty Cat Klub in September.  Nick Larsen will be performing songs from his forthcoming Monolog project, which will be awesome.  See you in the clubs!

  • 2011.06.16 - Merch alert

    In anticipation of our July 2nd blowout at the Triple Rock, The Opposite Of Your Heart, our most recent album, is now available as a “name your own price” download with no minimum amount. So you can snap that thing up for free! CD prices are also reduced. Woo!  The fun is all over at bandcamp.

  • 2011.05.29 - Summer!

    Hey everyone, we had a great time playing lovely Dubuque last night, we’re hurtling back towards Minneapolis as I write. After a marriage and a honeymoon, we’re back in the swing of things.  Next up is an acoustic show at the Kitty Kat Club next Sunday June 5th, featuring performances by Nick and Nick, which we’re pretty stoked about.  See you there!

  • 2011.03.03 - And we’re back in the room.

    EVERYONE!  We are so back.  I know, it’s March already, but we’re slow to recover from the holiday season.  We’re practicing again, working out all the “ooh ahh”s and “ahh ooh”s on our newest batch of super-jams.  We also just added a few shows over on the shows page, which we hope you’ll come and watch.  Happy 2011!

  • 2010.11.29 - Hibernation

    Loyal fans – just a brief note to say thanks for all of your support in 2010.  We’re wrapping things up for the holidays, so you won’t hear much from us until 2011.  We’ve loved seeing all of you at the shows, on the road, and buying our record.  For all of your Christmas shopping, our record is available on our site, as well as at Minneapolis area locations including Treehouse Records, Cheapo, and Electric Fetus.  Word!

  • 2010.09.20 - Last minute thoughts

    Dudes, we are so ready.  We head out Wednesday AM for a few days of nonstop rock action across the Midwest.  A couple of updates: first, we had another nice write-up of some of the songs from our new record over at Ride The Tempo.  Thanks guys!  Secondly, we’ve added a special solo/acoustic performance by Nick at Midpoint Music Festival.  He’ll be at Neon’s Unplugged in Cincinnati on Friday 9/24, at 7:30pm.  Be there!  See you on the road!

  • 2010.09.09 - We’re melting inside!

    Another nice review of The Opposite Of Your Heart today on Cake In 15. Thanks guys!

  • 2010.09.08 - Techmology!

    We’ve finally embraced 2010!  We’re happy to announce at The Opposite Of Your Heart is now available on Bandcamp, for those so inclined.  Of course, you could just buy it directly from us (and get immediate download of high quality mp3s), but some people prefer a middle man, I guess.  Also, a few of our songs are now available on, for all of the blip DJs to, uh, blip.

    And, as a nod to the 2000’s, we’ve also updated our Myspace page to reflect our incisive artistic vision.  It’s all, like, black and white and grey and blue.  You know?

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