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Archived Shows

2012.02.04Cause - Minneapolis, MN w/Story Of The Sea, The Desert Vest, The Half Hearts9:00pm
2011.09.30Turf Club - St. Paul, MN w/The Desert Vest, July Fighter and Poverty Hash9:00pm
2011.09.11Kitty Cat Klub - Minneapolis, MN Nick + Nick @ Green Room Music Source Acoustic Show & Tell9:00pm
2011.08.26HK Underground - Minneapolis, MN w/I, Colossus + Middlepicker10:00pm
2011.07.02Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolis, MN w/I’m Not A Pilot + Grey Skies10:00pm
2011.06.05Kitty Kat Club - Minneapolis, MN Nick & Nick acoustic9:00pm
2011.05.28The Bank - Dubuque, IA w/The Icy Shores9:00pm
2011.04.01Nick and Eddie - Minneapolis, MN w/Maudlin and Jeremy Catterton9:00pm
2011.03.26Ed's No Name Bar - Winona, MN w/Maudlin9:00pm
2010.10.29501 Club - Minneapolis, MN w/Pictures of Then, Maudlin9:00pm
2010.09.26The Frequency - Madison, WI w/United Sons of Toil, Maple Stave, Lost in a Name, The Suit8:00pm
2010.09.24Inner Peace Center - Cincinnati, OH Midpoint Music Festival11:15pm
2010.09.24Neon's Unplugged Nick solo at Midpoint “In The Round”7:30pm
2010.09.23Melody Inn - Indianapolis, IN w/The Glass Identity Crisis, Simeon Soul Charger9:00pm
2010.09.22darkroom - Chicago, IL w/Social Espionage, Coyote Camaro, Airlines-X9:00pm
2010.07.31Fine Line Music Cafe - Minneapolis w/The Jake Rowan Band, Usonia, and the Alrights8:00pm
2010.07.14Sauce Soundbar - Minneapolis w/Chickadee Mountain Martyrs, The Great Confinement9:00pm
2010.05.28Ed's No Name Bar - Winona, MN w/Maudlin and My Private Eye9:00pm
2010.05.07Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolis CD RELEASE PARTY! w/We Became Actors + Middlepicker9:00pm
2010.05.05KARE 11 Television The Icy Shores on Showcase Minnesota10:00am
2010.02.27Sauce - Minneapolis w/Ten Ton Bridge + The Moodswings + Middlepicker9:30pm
2010.01.02501 Club - Minneapolis w/The Sunny Era + TBA9:00pm
2009.12.10Turf Club - St. Paulw/Middle States, The Red Flags + TBA9:00pm
2009.10.24Triple Rock Social Club - MinneapolisCatlick Records Showcase w/Brett Rodysill, Dairyland Youth, The Caspian Depression9:00pm
2009.09.12Sauce Soundbar - Minneapolisw/Telepathos, Condo$9:30pm
2009.07.24Eclipse Records - MinneapolisALL AGES SHOW w/Careers In Modeling, TBA7:00pm
2009.05.21Uptown Bar - Minneapolisw/Robert Gomez, Wheeler10:00pm
2009.04.03Stasiu's - Minneapolisw/Revolver Modele, Rockford Mules, and Golden Chariots Of Mars9:00pm
2009.02.05Hexagon Bar - Minneapolisw/Sun of a Gun, Plank Waters9:00pm
2009.01.30Fine Line Cafe - Minneapolisw/Michael Kent, Danny Jack Fiasco, Matthew Griswold9:00pm
2008.11.15Stasiu's Place - Minneapolisw/Action vs. Action, Careers in Modeling, Clawthroat9:00pm
2008.01.12Uptown Bar - Minneapolisw/Rockford Mules, Story of the Sea, Luther the Devil9:00pm
2007.10.13Nomad World Pub - Minneapolisw/Jeremy Gordon (Vestals), Jacob Wolfgang, Casados9:00pm
2007.05.10Varsity Theater - Minneapolisw/The Texas Know How, Moon Maan, Shatterproof, Careers In Modeling, The Million8:00pm
2006.10.14Club Underground - Minneapolisw/Jeremy Messersmith, The Debut, Beight9:30pm
2006.09.23Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolisw/The Spectaculars, Espionage!, Copterboy9:00pm
2006.07.29400 Bar - Minneapolisw/Radio On, The Cans8:00pm
2006.06.22Triple Rock Social Club - Minneapolisw/Moon Maan, The Softrocks9:00pm
2006.05.127th St. Entry - Minneapolisw/Reticence, The Amber Estate9:00pm
2006.04.06Turf Club - St. Paulw/Story Of The Sea, Baby Teeth9:00pm
2006.03.24Hexagon Bar - Minneapolisw/Reticence, (this is not)(this is now), Plastic Chord8:00pm
2006.02.16Turf Club - St. Paulw/Quarterstance + The Softrocks8:00pm
2006.01.14400 Bar - Minneapolisw/Moon Maan + The Spectaculars8:00pm
2006.01.12Triple Rock - Minneapolisw/Building Better Bombs + The 'Fraid9:00pm
2006.01.04Turf Club - St. Paulw/Twin Ion + The 'Fraid9:30pm
2005.12.17Triple Rock - Minneapolis - CANCELLEDTBA9:00pm
2005.11.11Uptown Bar - MinneapolisAction Vs. Action, Careers in Modeling9:00pm
2005.10.20Hexagon Bar - Minneapolisw/Dear Machine, The Suggestions9:00pm
2005.10.07Varsity Theater - Minneapolisw/Landing Gear, Careers In Modeling, The Spectaculars9:00pm
the icy shores live at the 501, Jan 2010